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Disposable Vent, Blinds, Air Conditioner Output, Fan Blade Duster and Cleaner
From $14.99
99% of all residences in the U.S have a vent system or fan. Every single one gets dusty and or dirty at some point. Cleaning them isn't easy and quite frankly annoying. Dirty vents lead to costly increases in utilities and maintenance calls for clean outs.  Our tool is unique because it fits perfectly inside most vent systems, its easy to use and when its no longer usable...simply throw it out.  A maintenance technician or resident can use this tool to clean out multiple vents, ceiling fans and or intake vents within minutes. Our tool is durable cot effective. 
Disposable Melamine Sponge - Similar to Magic Eraser Sponge, Easy to Use, Simply Wet and Scrub Away most Dirt, Grime and Solids
- 88%
$108.00 From $9.99
You get a maintenance call to do a move-out inspection - not even thirty seconds through the door and you see crayon marks all over the walls, grease stuck to the range hood and kitchen backsplash with a film of what we hope is simply grease.  The work isnt hard, its just time consuming.  What if there was an easy way to get the resident to clean up prior to moving out?  What if you could use a simple disable tool to clean up all the grime, crayon marks and grease with just water? Our Disposable Melamine Sponges can handle...

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